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When the Class 1 is no longer enough

September 2013

The electromagnetic radiations with which the sun invests the surface of our planet vary significantly according to the latitude and, therefore, also the energy absorbed by the objects exposed to these radiations varies substantially. The absorbed energy alters the physical characteristics of the powder coatings. The brightness of the coating film, for example, decreases more and more as the absorbed energy increases. To ensure adequate weathering resistance, the Qualicoat established some standards, for the coated products used in architecture, which require the standing of several physical and chemical tests. Among these, the so called “Florida Test” has particular importance and it requires an exposure of one or more years in hot humid environment.
The Qualicoat Standards most commonly used are known as “Class 1” and “Class 2”.
Learn more about polyesters Qualicoat Class 1.5 and their characteristics reading the article attached.