Hydroalcoholic solution for surface cleaning


The ST-PURE Spray is indicated for disinfecting and deodorizing environments with high traffic and greater infectious risk such as offices, company plants or painting workshops, and in general all those places where the passage of people can compromise the quality of hygiene.
It can also be used to easily clean surfaces of objects and equipment from residues such as grease, ink stains, paint and the remains of glue from stickers.
The hydroalcoholic solution based on 70% ethyl alcohol does not wet, does not stain, does not leave residues and does not damage fabrics and materials; disinfects leaving a pleasant scent.
ST-PURE is also suitable for disinfecting the interior of motor vehicles and means of transport.

Features and methods of use:
• 400 ml spray can
• Spray directly on the surface to be treated
• Does not need to be rinsed if used on surfaces that do not come into contact with food
• Quick drying without leaving traces

The product is not a medical surgical device.

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