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Powder coatings between aesthetics and functionality

November 2013

Since its establishment, ST Powder Coatings has always focused on the functional quality of its powder coatings, some of which are: the lightfastness and the gloss retention of the coating systems for architectural sector, the invulnerability to solvents and the easy cleaning of antigraffiti coating systems, the corrosion resistance and the surface protection of anticorrosion primers, etc.
However, we should not forget that the paints have always had a double soul, a double nature which places functional characteristics side by side with pure aesthetic ones. A coating system can be identified, in other words, by a dualism, like a sort of Yin-Yang which combines the protective characteristics with the merely decorative ones. Here we would like to focus the reader’s attention on the characteristics related to the beauty of the coated film.

Continue reading this article in order to discover the ST series which main strength is the beauty.