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ST Powder Coatings looks at the 4.0 Industry

January 2018

If 2018 is preparing to mark the beginning of what everyone calls the fourth industrial revolution, ST Powder Coatings is already working to fully reap the benefits. In fact, the company has always been characterized by a strong technological imprinting: this is proved by the most advanced industrial automation technologies and the best MES and ERP solutions planted in its machinery. Therefore, moving towards the 4.0 industry can only be natural for ST. Thanks also to the National Industry 4.0 Plan (now Impresa 4.0) introduced in 2017 by the Ministry of Economic Development, the company is going on with the creation of a new finished product storage area that will be equipped with a totally automated process, in order to transform the Montecchio Maggiore plant into a modern 4.0 headquarter.

In addition to this, important news will concern the so-called Document Intelligence: electronic data storage, e-invoice and document processing management are just a few examples of projects adopted or being adopted.

"The industry in general is experiencing a moment of great changing, whose common denominator is innovation - explains Marco Zadra, Chairman and CEO of ST Powder Coatings S.p.A. - The technological evolution carried out by our company in recent years allows us today to increase the efficiency of the powder coating production process and our ability to offer the best service to customers, thus ensuring the highest competitiveness in a highly dynamic global market."